By Students – For Students. At Student Travel Tours we are specialists in running fantastic weekends in Europe for students. With the experience of living and working in our destination cities, you’re better off doing your Break Out with us. It doesn’t just stop at European city breaks though; we’ve organized ski trips and sports tours for University clubs to destinations such as South Africa, at knock-down prices available to all students.

Like you, we’re passionate travelers, nomads whose home is anywhere in the world. Today’s world is evidence of an incredible change in travel. People’s horizons have expanded, and destinations that years ago seemed wildly exotic have become increasingly accessible to the shoestring traveler. This is the basis for our trips and tours. We would wish, for ourselves as well as our passengers, that these experiences continue to be more accessible, and so we strive to deliver the best value knock-down prices with the highest quality of service. Furthermore, due to the nature of our student-based travel experience and our personal approach to each trip, we are confident that our trips will suit you better than any you could find elsewhere.  We know all the hot spots you’ll want to go to and have you covered on every trip detail.  We go as far as making sure we know where the closest local hospitals or therapist centers are (god forbid anyone needs to use it but always better to be safe).  We also make sure we know where the coolest souvenir shops are and even go as far as making sure we know where the closest cell phone repair service is located since lots of students often end up with water damage cell phones from too much fun in the sun and water. Plus, our friends can enjoy the beautiful guest house with Amazing Floor and also provided Halal Certification USA to the students and can have special discounts for you to enjoy your travels to the max

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